You probably heard some of the people talking about solar panels and assuming some things that can be easy to believe; from carbon footprint to the costs that solar panels induce on your side. Roofing company South Carolina and other companies believe that despite the myths, one thing is certain: solar panels’ pros outweigh all the negative assumptions provided on the Internet.  


With so many things that are shared on the Internet, it can be difficult to identify the truth from the fake. So, here we are debunking some of the biggest solar panels myths on the internet.   

  1. Solar panels cannot work during cloudy days – yes, solar panels rely on the sunlight and without it, panels cannot produce energy. For instance, panels are not able to produce energy at night. However, the assumption that it cannot produce energy during the cloudy day is far from reality. Clouds do not necessarily block off the sun completely, so your panels are still able to obtain sunlight in the sky although it may not be as effective as when the sky is free from clouds.   
  2. Solar panels use more energy than they are able to produce – solar panels production and transportation may have produced some carbon footprints. However, according to the 2019 magazine, it took more or less two years to pay itself back the carbon costs. Moreover, because of science and technology, production and transportation are becoming more and more efficient and less costly. In general, solar panels produce more energy than they can use during production, which makes them still more efficient than the traditional energy source.  
  3. I will be safe during a blackout – this assumption is somewhere between true and false. It is because solar panels are able to give you power during blackout only if you have stored the energy your obtained from the panels. Solar power is consumed immediately from the panels — the process is real-time. However, if you have enough budget to purchase these bulky batteries, you will be able to store the energy you obtained during day time.   
  4. Solar panels need more maintenance – all things require maintenance and this includes your solar panels. However, the claim of them being needy of maintenance is false. As long as you ensure that the solar panels are free from debris, dirt, and shade, then they are good. Take note that it is essential to read the manual if you are wary about system faults or issues. More effectively, call a professional.   
  5. Solar panels make my roof prone to damage – roofs will always be prone to damage since it is the most exposed part of the house, and installing solar panels on it does not make your roof more prone to damage. When solar panels are installed, they are not directly attached to the roof, but on the brackets that allow a secure holding of the panels. When installed correctly, panels do not cause damage at all. Of course, there is where making sure you hire a professional becomes relevant.