Should You Hire a Color Consultant Before Painting Your House? 

Whenever you visit your local home improvement shop to buy paint, you will probably see hundreds of different color swatches. Because of this, you might ask yourself why there are tons of different shades for a single color.  

If you feel overwhelmed with your options, you will likely randomly pick any color and call it a day. Choosing paint colors can be more difficult than you might think. It is a huge decision. If you don’t pick the right one, you will regret it down the line every time you see it.  

Because of this, it’s always best to work with a professional color consultant. However, is it worth hiring one? Can you consider professional painters as professional color consultants? Today, we’re going to find out. 

Save Time and Get Rid of Stress 

As a homeowner, it can be a lot stressful to undergo any type of home improvement project. This is because you don’t know what results in you’ll get until the project is done.  

Having confidence before starting the project can help you enjoy the process more. Aside from that, it will also save you the trouble of having to repeat the job.  

A color consultation can spare you the uncertainty and anxiety that come along with changing the color of your home. If you hire a color consultant, all you need to do is to relax and watch the changes that take place. A color consultant can help you achieve your dreams.  

Of course, it is still up to you to make the final decision. However, getting guidance and advice from a professional can help you feel more guaranteed in your choice. It helps you choose the right paint colors for the first time.  

Save Money 

Almost all home improvement projects involve a huge investment. They cost a lot of money. Of course, you don’t want to pay for a project only to realize later that you don’t like it.  

If that is the case, you’ll probably want to pay again to fix the project until you get what you want.  

To help save you the cost of repainting, you should consider meeting with a color consultant. They can help you make your final decision. 

Aside from having the consultation, it’s also ideal to schedule it early on in your decorating and designing process. Professionals recommend you do this before you buy décor and furniture pieces that will go in that room. This will help you to ensure everything comes together with the way you want it.  

They Have Extensive Knowledge 

It might appear like designers always change their minds. If you want to follow the trend, you will have to read tons of blog posts and several magazines to know how to mix and match colors. As a homeowner, you don’t have time for these things.  

On the other hand, a color consultant will always stay on top of the trend. They know what colors will stay for a long time. They know what designers are pushing this year. They know how to choose the right paint color for your home. 

Insulation Projects for Your Home 

A home that’s energy-efficient has a high ROI (Return on Investment). Aside from getting respect for the homeowner for making the wise decision, an energy-efficient house also saves energy and adds comfort. Of course, these things can easily appeal to potential homebuyers looking for the best value.  

A house that is energy-efficient save almost 33% on utility bills. You can easily add greater convenience and comfort to your house by simply investing a bit of effort, money, and time on spray foam insulation Salem Oregon. 

Insulation Projects 

  • Walls 

Typically, older homes aren’t as well-insulated as the newly constructed ones since building codes before never required high R-value. Walls that aren’t insulated properly can make uncomfortable houses that lead to expensive utility bills. A couple of house improvements can make a huge difference. You can call energy experts to improve wall-insulation with the correct materials. This will help keep you and your family protected from severe weather conditions.  

  • Basement 

The basement has a tendency to keep humidity and moisture. However, oftentimes, it’s a neglected area. The area will invite mildew and mold, recurrent illnesses and allergies, and consequent discomfort if it isn’t properly insulated. 

If you want to improve the value of your house, you should think about using the space better. You can transform it into a library, den, home theatre, or guest bedroom to add more value to your home. However, you have to insulate it first. 

  • Attic 

The correct material can make a huge difference. Around 24% of the heating of your house escapes through a roof that is not insulated. Because of this, a poorly insulated roof ends up using more energy. Over the previous years, fiberglass attic was in high demand since they are affordable and can offer high ROI. Aside from that, it lowers utility bills by a huge percentage. 

Insulate Your Home Properly 

A house that is well-insulated acts as a thermal resistor. It properly controls room temperature and airflow through the seasons. Looking at your utility bills is one way to know if your house is properly insulated. Are they constantly increasing? If you want to make your house comfortable, do you have to use more energy? If the answer is yes, then you have to upgrade your insulation. Aside from being energy-efficient, a house that is properly insulated can lower humidity and noise.  

Better R-Value 

It is crucial to have high R-value if you want to have effective home insulation. The thermal resistance of ceilings, doors, walls, and windows is measured in R-value. Your house will have better insulation if the R-value is high.  

An expert energy auditor can help you measure the amount of energy needed to control cooling and heating in your house, from your basement up to the attic. These professionals examine the insulation and the density and thickness of the material to know if they meet the suggested R-value of your location. Your noise, humidity, and energy bills will be lowered drastically if your home meets the required R-value of the area.